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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Festival Distribution Service for Short Films

Pink Eyes Distribution

Pink Eyes offers competency, professionalism and transparency. Since the drafting of contract, we will take about 10 days to build the best distribution strategy for your short film or feature film. Your film will be helped compete into Oscar qualifying festivals.

In order to structure our distribution plan, we will take some factors into account: first of all, we will need to check your film’s features, such as duration, year, projection status, past presentations; secondly, we will cross these features with the information we have about festivals, such as their TOPICS, past selections, past winners, etc.

Your film will thus be evaluated in its uniqueness.

Pink Eyes in Steps

  • A selected team is going to analyze the features of your film.
  • We build the best Submission Plan
  • When you are selected, we manage all the further communications and shippings
  • We foster your eventual relationships with Sales Agencies

The communication between Pink Eyes and clients will be h24 active. Also, you can follow the path of your film and those of the other customers we represent on our Instagram and Twitter pages.

For further information on costs and services, contact us.

No automatic extension of the contract will be activated!

We will no task any percentage of the prizes.

All management costs are included in the contract price.

Your film is in safe and caring hands!