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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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About Us

A Short Story About Us

Pink Eyes Distribution

Pink Eyes Distribution is a film festival distribution company operating all around the world. It is specialized in supporting and promoting short films and feature films across the field of the most important cinema festivals.

Our work is transparent, selective, global and professional. Our service is particularly focused on representing and distributing short films within the film festival industry. Our main mission is to give to filmmakers the possibility to see their films projected in the most popular theaters and help it reach the largest number of viewers possible.

In order to fulfil this mission, Pink Eyes Distribution works with fixed-term contracts, by which we legally state our commitment to build the best distribution strategy and submission plan for your work. In fact, based on what your plans and budget are, you can either choose between a 4-month contract, an 8-month contract and a 12-month contract.

About us

We are focused in High-Rated Festivals

For this first direct mission, we provide a qualitative – non-quantitative – distribution: we are not taking into consideration the lower-rated festivals (although they give larger chances of selection). Our company would instead focus on the highest-rated ones, since our customers are always aspiring to the most significant and notable selections, among festival names which include Tribeca, Cannes, Venice, Camden, Sundance, Cleveland, Berlinale, Big Sky and so on.

However, it often happens that the distribution plan built for you won’t only include A-festivals, but also submissions into a list of those lower-rated festivals which we know Sales Agencies attend. In fact, Pink Eyes second and indirect mission is that of giving to your film the widest possible visibility in front of the Sales Agencies.

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